Frequently Asked Questions


What is Font Embedding?

Font Embedding is when all the font information is captured from your computer and stored inside the PDF file.

Why is Font Embedding So Important?

If the fonts are not embedded in your PDF files, the type can reflow and become distorted. Even common Fonts like Times, need to be embedded because what we have found is there are many different versions of the Common Fonts. The good news is that embedding Fonts is quite Easy. We recommend using the DoPDF utility to embed the fonts. Mac computers will automatically Embed the fonts, so no need to worry about embedding the fonts.

Can I send the Cover and Text in the same file?

No. We need two separate PDF files, one PDF file for the Book Cover, and one PDF file for the Text file. If the Cover artwork is part of the Text file, it will mess up the Margins of the Text, after the Cover is extracted.

PDF Page size must match the Book Trim Size

The Cover and Text PDF files must be the same size as the book trim size being ordered. If PDF book files are supplied as 8.5 × 11, but you want a 5.5 × 8.5 book trim size, then the files will have to be reduced, which reduces the fonts and all the elements in the PDF files. Reducing the file size is not recommended, because it will make the type small and hard to read plus large margins.

Page numbers on the binding side of the Book Text File

We recommend that your page numbers, header, or footers are not on the binding side of the book. An easy way to avoid this common book printing problem is to have your page numbers, headers, or footers at the bottom center of the book. If you are still unsure, just simply print out two pages that are front and back and place them back to back to see if everything is okay.

Can I send in a new file, if I find mistakes when proofing?

Yes. But please be aware that we do charge extra for each additional new proof. We put a lot of work and time into quality checking each file, and when you send a new file, we must start the process again from the beginning.

What if there are issues with my files? Can you fix them?

Most of the time, we can fix the most common issues with your files. We do offer these services and will provide you with an estimate at that time.
If your files have more complex problems, we will contact you and let you know if we can fix the issues and what the charge will be.

Do I count the blank pages in the files as pages?

Yes. Blank pages are counted as a page, we will not remove any blank pages, we will print the file how it was sent to us.

Do you offer proofreading or editing services?

No. We do not offer any book proofreading or editing services. We are strictly a book printing company that only prints books. If you need these kind of services, we recommend that you contact an outside service that might be able to help you with this or we can recommend for you.

Can I send my Word Files to you, instead of PDF files?

No. If you send the Word file to us, it will reflow and cause all sorts of formatting issues. When you send us your book files in PDF, we don’t have to worry about the Text reflowing.

Will I see a proof before you print my order?

Yes. All new orders get an online proof of the Book Cover and Text file before we go to print. You can also order a hard copy proof when placing your order. The online proof is free, but the hard copy proof is an additional fee.

I’m using Adobe Creative Suite, what PDF setting should I use?

Adobe Creative Suite is great for laying out a book, we recommend exporting your PDF’s using the Export PDF setting. This setting will automatically embed your fonts, and alert you if there are any low-resolution graphics.

Do you have any Book Templates that I may use?

Yes, we do, and they are very easy to use. Click here for Templates.

Do you offer a Spine Calculator?

Yes, we do. Click here to use our Spine Calculator.

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