Reasons Why Pre-Production Proofing Is Essential

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What Are Pre-Production Proofs?

Specifically, in the publishing and print community, a pre-production proof can be a soft proof (online PDF) or hard proof (physical hard copy). A physical hard copy proof is an actual printed and bound sample of the book you intend to receive on the final print run. You will receive your book proof with the exact paper, cover finishing option (gloss, matte, or soft touch laminated) specified when the order was placed. We even print your proof on the exact presses we will use in final production. Specifically, hard copy proofs will give you an exact look of how your book or other published materials will appear when printed. Physical proofs will typically bring about a small additional cost to the total order, as well additional time (2 days production + approximately 3 days to ship/arrive) but is well worth it in the end. Allowing yourself time for this process is crucial. Pre-production proofs are available and highly recommended with every order you place with

Ok, you probably are aware of where we stand on this subject. Here are a few more tidbits on the two pre-production proof options we provide at Hill Print Solutions.

Hard copy proofHard Proof

A physical hard copy proof is an exact printed and bound sample of the book you intend to receive on the final print run.


Hard proofs are quickly produced with little added cost in the grand scheme while providing a proof identical to the finished product.


Time. Schedule out additional time for this process as it can take up to an additional 5 business days.

Soft proofSoft Proof (PDF)

Soft proofs provide the ability to view a PDF press imposition of your book or published product on a computer screen.


Soft proofs are inexpensive and quick to produce (typically within 24hrs of order placement). The approval process is much faster on the publisher’s end, thus speeding up the final production times.


Soft proofs do not produce the precise color that will be reproduced from press to paper.

Trust Hill Print Solutions For Your Print Proofs

At Hill Print Solutions, we understand the importance of having a print proof of your book before proceeding to final print production. With our state-of-the-art technology and experienced team, we offer top-tier print proofs that bring your vision to life.

Contact Hill Print Solutions to learn more about your options for pre-production proofs or to talk to an expert about recommendations for your unique printing needs.